Our Story

Firepump.AI was born out of the need to ensure that buildings and the people within are always protected with the very best in fire pump systems. We recognized several areas in which fire pump systems could be dramatically improved, and from there began our mission to ensure that every risk is minimised, every issue is detectable, and safety is always paramount.

Our inception is the result of Kirloskar Brothers Thailand, its fully owned subsidiary SPP Pumps Asia, and ZI-ARGUS forming an exclusive collaboration. Combining SPP Pumps 100+ years of fire pump experience with ZI-ARGUS’s expertise as an independent provider of advanced Process Control, Automation, and Industry 4.0 Solutions.

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Data Security

Our Symbiont cloud-based monitoring system is connected to the onsite controllers via a secure wired, WIFI or 4G gateway, guaranteeing complete data protection.

Solution Supported

When using Firepump.AI fire safety solutions, you’re able to take full advantage of our service contracts. We’ll take care of everything to ensure that the safety of your building and those inside is never compromised.