How is Firepump.AI different from other Firepumps?

Unlike traditional fire pumps, which are stand-alone solutions that can only be monitored and managed by physically visiting their location, is an industry-leading monitoring service and alarm system that leverages state-of-the-art Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology to ensure that all fire pump diagnostics and monitoring are accessible to all stakeholders 24/7/365 via an advanced web based dashboard. is the most advanced and secure cloud based fire pump platform on the market.

Is Symbiont secure?

Yes, we’ve worked hard to ensure that Symbiont is secure. Using a secure wired, WIFI or 4G gateway, you’ll be able to keep an eye on everything you need, 24/7.

I have a new project development, can you help to install a complete fire pump safety system?

Absolutely! We provide all the equipment, expertise and knowledge to ensure that your project has the very best in fire pump safety systems. The importance of fire pumps cannot be underestimated, that’s why we provide a complete service to install, maintain and monitor fire pump systems.

Can Symbiont work with my existing fire pump system?

In order for Symbiont to work with existing fire pump systems, our engineers will need to install the correct sensors onto your equipment. These will then be connected to our gateway that allows us to connect to the cloud, giving you access to all the cloud-based monitoring we provide.

How do I know which fire pump is best for me?

Our expert engineers will conduct a thorough audit of any project in need of a fire pump. From there, we’ll provide the best options for which fire pump will best suit your needs for optimum safety.

What services can Firepump.AI offer clients?

When using Firepump.AI fire safety solutions, you’re able to take full advantage of our service contracts. When subscribed to one of our service contracts, you’ll be able to hand over all your fire pump monitoring and maintenance requirements to us.

I only need a new pump, can you help?

Yes we can. We can install new equipment to your existing fire pump system. Our engineers are always on hand to consult and help you make the best decision moving forward.

I’m not sure if I need to upgrade any of my fire pump equipment, can you help?

Yes we can. We conduct a thorough audit of any existing fire pump systems. Primarily, we will check to see if existing equipment is FM listed, UL approved and/or NFPA 20 compliant.

What if something goes wrong? Can you help?

Our service contracts and subscriptions mean that you can rest assured knowing that your fire pumps are being monitored 24/7. Should any anomalies or emergencies occur, we’ll be on hand to provide assistance.

Consult With An Engineer

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Data Security

Our Symbiont cloud-based monitoring system is connected to the onsite controllers via a secure wired, WIFI or 4G gateway, guaranteeing complete data protection.

Solution Supported

When using Firepump.AI fire safety solutions, you’re able to take full advantage of our service contracts. We’ll take care of everything to ensure that the safety of your building and those inside is never compromised.