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Installing Firepump.AI products and the Symbiont cloud monitoring system is designed to be as simple as possible. Every installation, whether entirely new or upgrading, follows these four steps:

  1. Checklist – We’ll send you a checklist of requirements to give our engineers as much insight as possible regarding your needs. This will cover things such as your existing fire pumps (if any), the size of the fire pump room, the position of your pumps and more.
  2. On Site Survey – Our engineers will then visit your location to conduct a thorough audit of your fire pump system or fire pump space. This will also allow us to determine the kind of instalments that are necessary in order to provide optimum safety, such as sensors, gateway connectors or entirely new fire pump configurations. 
  3. Quotation & Schedule – Once we’ve configured and agreed upon the optimised solution for your fire pump safety system, we’ll provide a quotation and schedule that we’ll honour throughout the installation.
  4. Instalment & Training – Our expert engineers will instal each part of the Firepump.AI hardware and software, ensuring everything is connected and working seamlessly with Symbiont. We will also provide training to any necessary personnel.

About Us

Firepumps.AI is an exclusive collaboration between Kirloskar Pumps Thailand, its fully owned subsidiary SPP Pumps Asia and ZI-ARGUS. Combining SPP Pump Asia’s 100+ years of firepump experience with ZI-ARGUS’s expertise as an independent provider of advanced Process Control, Automation, and Industry 4.0 Solutions.

We’ve created industry-leading Firepump equipment with state-of-the-art Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology powered by Symbiont.

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