Firepump.AI Cloud Solution

Why Use Firepump.AI?

Connected to the onsite controllers via a secure gateway, you’ll be able to keep an eye on everything you need, 24/7 via the cloud and app. With Firepump.AI you’ll know exactly when any anomalies or issues arise, before they become critical. Monitor crucial data and more anytime, anywhere, including:
  • Water supply
  • Fuel supply for diesel engine drives
  • Battery voltage for diesel engine
  • Pump room altitude and temperature to assure the engine driver de-rate factor is within the NFPA 20 defined limits.

How To Use Cloud Service?

With our team of expert engineers on hand, setting up Firepump.AI for your firepump system couldn’t be easier.
Once installed, you’ll just need to follow these simple steps:

Consult With An Engineer

Want to learn more about Firepump.AI and how it can transform your firepump system for greater safety and efficiency?
Just get in touch and one of our engineers will come back to you shortly.

Data Security

Our Firepump.AI cloud-based monitoring system is connected to the onsite controllers via a secure gateway either wired, WIFI or via mobile network, guaranteeing complete data protection.

Solution Supported

When using Firepump.AI fire safety solutions, you’re able to take full advantage of our service contracts. We’ll take care of everything to ensure that the safety of your building and those inside is never compromised.