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Firepump.AI is powered by
Symbiont from ZI-ARGUS

Our flagship cloud-based monitoring system, provides all critical information and data required to maintain fully optimized firepump systems. 

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Want to learn more about Firepump.AI and how it can transform your firepump system for greater safety and efficiency? Just get in touch and one of our engineers will come back to you shortly.

Data Security

Our Firepump.AI cloud-based monitoring system is connected to the onsite controllers via a secure gateway either wired, WIFI or via mobile network, guaranteeing complete data protection.

Solution Supported

When using Firepump.AI fire safety solutions, you’re able to take full advantage of our service contracts. We’ll ensure the safety of your building and the integrity of your data.

About Us

Firepumps.AI is an exclusive collaboration between Kirloskar Pumps Thailand, its fully owned subsidiary SPP Pumps Asia and ZI-ARGUS. Combining SPP Pump Asia’s 100+ years of firepump experience with ZI-ARGUS’s expertise as an independent provider of advanced Process Control, Automation, and Industry 4.0 Solutions.

We’ve created industry-leading Firepump equipment with state-of-the-art Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology powered by Symbiont.

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AI Firepump

Firepump.AI provides a range of FM listed and UL approved fire pump equipment. Each pump serves a particular purpose and is used depending on the building type and size.
The ideal solution for rapid and reliable response to emergencies.
Our end suction pumps offer easy access and maintenance.
Vertical Multistage Jockey Pumps are available for duties up to 225 USgpm and are applicable to any standard motors.
High performance with more simplified maintenance.

Tall buildings, from offices and hotels through to hospitals, can benefit from the advantages provided by implementing an MSMO pump system.

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