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Kirloskar Brothers Limited

Kirloskar Brothers Limited is India’s largest manufacturer, producer and exporter of centrifugal pumps. With a business value of US$ 2.1 billion, the Kirloskar Group provides unparalleled experience, expertise and quality across their entire range of water pumps in which we use. The company’s rich history spans over a century of leading best-in-class technology across India, with 75 types of pumps ranging from the smallest and largest pumps in the world.

All pumps sourced from Kirloskar Brothers Limited are UL listed and FM approved.

About Us

Firepumps.AI is an exclusive collaboration between Kirloskar Pumps Thailand, its fully owned subsidiary SPP Pumps Asia and ZI-ARGUS. Combining SPP Pump Asia’s 100+ years of firepump experience with ZI-ARGUS’s expertise as an independent provider of advanced Process Control, Automation, and Industry 4.0 Solutions.

We’ve created industry-leading Firepump equipment with state-of-the-art Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology powered by Symbiont.

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